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It goes without saying that a helmet is the most important piece of safety equipment you can buy for cycling. A quality helmet goes a long way to providing protection in case of a fall or accident and with modern helmets offering exceptional comfort, safety and looking great to boot, there really is no excuse not to have one! When looking for the right helmet for you it’s worth bearing in mind where and what you are going to ride. Riding a road bike up a blistering mountain pass in the alps with a full face Downhill helmet on your noggin is not going to be any fun at all! Likewise, the latest super lightweight aero road helmet is no good if you fancy yourself as the winner of next years Red Bull Rampage. 

Thankfully we stock a huge range of helmets to suit all different sizes and shapes of head and in many styles to suit all kinds of riding. For riders who get their cycling kicks out on the open road, we offer a huge range of road cycling helmets, varying from well vented, lightweight helmets through to the very latest in aerodynamic time trials helmets. Most road helmets offer plenty of ventilation, keeping you cool in higher temperatures, but there are newer helmets aimed at the serious rider or racer looking for every advantage that sacrifice a little ventilation in order to offer a more aerodynamic profile. Whatever your preference, we’ve got you covered! 

Mountain bike helmets have evolved massively since the early 2000’s, with many now offering improved coverage and protection over their road bike counterparts. Helmets like the legendary Giro Xen and Fox Flux helped this extra coverage move into the mainstream and this trend continues to grow. Open face mountain bike helmets are great for all-round mountain bike, so if you’re the kind of rider who enjoys the climbs as much as the descents our range is the place to look. The burgeoning Enduro World Series has led to the development of many helmets that convertible between open face and full-face helmets, and these are ideal for riders who want maximum protection on the way down the mountain but don’t want to boil on the way back up. For purely Downhill focussed riding there is no replacement for a proper full-face helmet. Having more protection than even the burliest convertible helmets and with many tested to MX safety standards, these offer the ultimate in protection for riders pushing themselves and their bikes to the limit going downhill.