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SendHit Fork Stanchion Scratch Cover Repair Kit
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RockShox AM Rear Shock Air Can Service Kit - Monarch B1 And C1
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Putoline HPX Suspension Fluid
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3 Items

Rear shocks do an amazing job of reducing the amount of impact and vibration we feel through the saddle of the bike. Whether you're going over potholes and manholes on the road or loose terrain and tree roots on a trail, rear shocks help to eat up all of the impact so that you feel as little as possible and maintain your grip on the bars for full control on the bike.

Of course, over time your shocks will start to give up the ghost, having absorbed so much impact that they just can't take anymore. That is, if it's the factory-fitted component, of course. A lot of modern rear shocks and accessories are designed using the latest materials to offer greater durability and reliability so that your shocks outlive the bike itself!

Here at Tweeks Cycles we stock a great range of brand new rear shocks and accessories like shock oils and bushings to give you the kind of control and comfort you've dreamed of. So what are you waiting for? Check out the full range of our rear shocks and accessories now.