Road Bike Gear Shifters

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While old-school road racers will fondly reminisce about the days of downtube shifters, modern road bike gear shifters are a much more user-friendly prospect. With many combining shifting and braking duties into one unit; road shifters are easy to use, easy to maintain and offer impeccable performance.

With options for regular caliper brakes and mechanical disc brakes as well as the latest breed of cutting-edge hydraulic disc brakes, there is a huge range of different gear shifters available to suit your needs - and your budget. Some are even set up specifically for single chainring drivetrains with, a shift paddle and brake lever on one side and just a solitary brake lever on the other, albeit one that is ergonomically more or less identical. Of course, down tube shifters for older bikes are still available, as are dedicated shifters for time trial and triathlon bikes. No matter what kind of gear shifter you need for your road bike, you can be sure to find it here.