MTB Handlebars

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Thankfully mountain bike handlebars have come a long way since the early 90’s where bars any wider than 600mm were considered outlandish and 150mm stems were the must have accessories.

Modern MTB handlebars, in contrast, are available in a huge range of widths and rises from flat bars for those who like their front end as low as possible right up to 40mm+ riser bars for riders who like their bar that little bit higher than usual. For all-round riding a riser bar with a width from 720-780mm will be ideal, and remember you can always cut a wide bar down if you find yourself rubbing your knuckles on trees all the time.

Downhill riders who need maximum control are best looking at bars from 760-820mm depending on preference and height, and here at Tweeks Cycles you'll find everything you could possibly need to achieve the perfect riding conditions and position.