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Formed in 1988 Zipp have grown to become a world leader in bicycle wheels. Specializing in cutting edge carbon fibre road and time trial wheels, Zipp are constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible when it comes to carbon road wheels. Formed by Formula 1 and CART engineer Leigh Sargent, the first Zipp wheel was produced when one of Sargent’s drivers, a keen cyclist, owned an aluminium Mavic disc wheel weighing in at 3kg. Seeing the potential to use composites, he built a wheel from Nomex honeycomb that weighed just 1.4kg, less than half the weight of the best Mavic disc wheel of the time. This theme of being ahead of the competition continues to this day and is evident throughout Zipp’s history, introducing a carbon crankset in 1997, nearly 10 years before they became common place in the rest of the cycle industry. Zipp continue to push the boundaries and their range is ever expanding to include a whole lot more than road bike wheels, such as handlebars, seatposts and extensions; so if you want to truly be at the cutting edge of cycling componentry, you need to be on Zipp.