Cycling Energy Bars

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Feeling the burn on a long ride but can’t stomach yet another energy gel? Or maybe you just need a healthy snack to help you power through a morning’s worth of general office drivel? Either way, you need an energy bar! While designed with cycling and other sports in mind, cycling energy bars are much more delectable than energy gels, and as such you’ll find them just as popular in the office as they are on the road or out on the trail.

Great for keeping in your jacket pocket or in a saddle bag for easy access when you start to feel as though you're running low on energy, our delicious and high protein energy bars will give you the boost you need to complete the ride. Cycling energy bars are a tasty way to get you back up and running at full capacity. With some great flavours and moreish textures, they can provide the boost you need to power over the next climb or even get you through the working day and yet another PowerPoint presentation!

Our range of energy bars features some of the best brands and their very best recipes and flavours, so you can enjoy your nutrition rather than simply take for the team as you might with an energy gel.