Sycros Bike Accessories

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When Pippin Osborne and Peter Hamilton started making mountain bike parts in their garage, few could have imagined just how successful their business venture would become. Back in 1986 when the pair started work on their first aluminium components, mountain biking was an activity undertaken by very few - especially in comparison to the modern day. From the outset, however, the brains behind the brand known as Syncros were determined to design, develop and build the kind of bike parts capable of standing up to the kind of tests that they would subject them to. Setting the bar to their own high standards meant that the brand were in an excellent position from the word go and today Syncros bike parts are sold, used and respected around the world. With a product range covering both mountain biking and road cycling, Syncros components can make a difference to all riders and all disciplines. They currently offer everything from bike wheels to stems, saddles to handlebars and grips meaning riders can adapt their bikes to run with the high quality Syncros parts they love and not just one small part of a much wider system.