Bike Wheel Accessories & Hubs

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If building or repairing a set of wheels, you’ll be needing to look here at our wheel accessories and hubs section! Here you’ll find spokes, nipples, QR skewers, rims and hubs, so you have all you need to build your dream wheelset yourself or get your existing wheels back up and running. Our range of hubs is massive, offering a massive variety of fitments and styles, so you can get the perfect centrepiece to your dream wheelset. From here you can pick a suitable rim to match and some appropriate spokes and nipples to suit. You might just need a few spokes to repair your current wheel if you’ve had the dreaded the derailleur in the spokes incident or maybe you cased a jump so hard even a quality lawyer would recommend you need a new rim! Whatever you need to get your wheels rolling again, you’ll find it here!