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DT Swiss Competition White Spokes
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Spokes, despite their relatively thin look and composition, are actually incredibly strong and crucial components that help to add strength to the wheel of your bike. Whether it's a mountain or road bike, bike spokes connect the hub to the rim with a general rule of thumb being that the more spokes you have in the wheel the more widespread the load.

This means that the spokes are under less strain and able to provide more support for the wider wheel, but even with a large number of spokes it's still possible for some to snap over time. Bike spokes are fairly simple to replace, connecting to the hub and nipples within the wheel and here you'll find an excellent range of new bike spokes that will replace damaged spokes or fill the gaps in your new wheelset having increased the size of your wheels.

In our store you'll find some of the very best MTB and road bike spokes including those from DT Swiss, a brand specialising in bike spokes, meaning you're guaranteed to choose the right spokes based on your needs when you buy from Tweeks Cycles.