Road Bike Wheels

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Upgrading the wheels on your bike is one of the best things you can do in terms of performance and with so many gorgeous new bike wheels available there a few that will help your bike to look better, too!

Dropping weight or improving the aero performance of your road bike wheels can have a huge influence on how your bike rides, with lighter wheelsets making climbs a breeze while more aerodynamic wheels will speed along with flat in effortless style. Carbon wheels help to drop weight, so are ideal for making superlight climbing wheels as well as keeping the weight of deep section aero wheels in check. For those who ride in all conditions and on bad surfaces, aluminium is still the weapon of choice thanks to its durability and value for money.

We have a huge range of wheels to suit almost any road bike, with disc brake and rim brake specific models and a huge variety of rim depths, materials and fitments available. Basically, if you need a new set of road bike wheel, look no further!