Road & MTB Groupsets

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Groupsets are the driving force behind any bike and if there’s numerous parts that need replacing or upgrading on your bike's drivetrain then our range is a one stop shop for everything you need to replace the whole lot!

They often contain every part of a drivetrain, from the cranks and chain to both front and rear derailleurs. Others are hop-up upgrades, so if you already have a flash drivetrain and just want to change the derailleurs and shifters from mechanical to electronic, there are options for you as well regardless of whether you ride road or MTB.

Making wholescale changes to your bike might sound drastic, but when you consider that changing one component usually results in changing several anyway it can make a great deal of sense in terms of doing the work and the overall cost, too. Many road and MTB groupsets represent exceptional value for money with everything you could possibly need to improve the braking and gearing included in the package.