Road Bike Groupsets

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Improving the brakes and gears on a road bike is never an easy task and it certainly takes a fair amount of time. With so many different components to remove, fit and replace it can seem like you're spending more time out in the garage working on your road bike than actually riding or racing it.

Here at Tweeks Cycles we stock a number of groupsets designed specifically for high performance road bikes that offer all of the essential brake and gear upgrades you need so that you can make all of your changes in one go, getting back out on the road as quickly as possible.

Each road bike groupset includes everything from the derailleurs to the chain, cassette and cranks so that you can make one cost-effective investment that saves you both time and money but results in a dramatic improvement to the way your bike rides, shifts and stops. With a host of groupsets from top brands, you'll find everything you're looking for in our groupset store.