Handlebar Accessories & Extenders

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Your handlebars need to be comfortable for the duration of your ride and that means it's vitally important to get your setup right before you head out. It might feel comfortable over the course of the first few miles, but as the terrain gets worse and the fatigue sets in you need to maintain your comfort and stability on the bike - which all stems from the handlebars.

While you can adjust the type of handlebars to suit your style of riding with either drop downs or flat bars, it's also important that you have the right handlebar accessories in place to create the ideal setup. Here at Tweeks Cycles we stock a wide range of handlebar accessories including a wide and popular collection of handlebar extenders that are ideal for providing those extra positioning options to take up the kind of grip you need to stay comfortable.

Our handlebar extenders come in a range of lengths, widths and drops and we stock all of the vital mounts and additional handlebar accessories required to fit them, too. However you choose to set your bike up, make sure you check out our range of handlebar extenders and accessories for the most comfortable riding position you've ever found!