Cycling Caps & Headwear

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Head wear for cycling is not just limited to helmets. There is a huge range of headwear available to help you make the most of whatever conditions mother nature can throw your way and help make your riding more enjoyable.

Back in the day a cycling cap was all many road cyclists and racers would wear, and they still have a place in modern cycling by helping to keep rain and the sun out of your eyes. They can also provide a little extra warmth too. When it gets seriously cold in winter, a skullcap is the way to go. These often use thermal, windproof or waterproof materials to provide excellent protection from the elements and help keep your head warm and dry in the depths of winter. If you want something more versatile than either of these options, you cannot go wrong with a head tube or buff. Bandana, neck scarf, you name, the buff can do it, making it perfect for indecisive cyclists!