Compression Clothing

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Designed to get the blood flowing for a more comfortable ride and to provide support for the muscles, compression clothing has come a long way in a short space of time. Originally designed for athletes and to be worn close to the skin, compression clothing is now available for most forms of sporting activity as a genuine health and fitness essential.

In cycling, compression clothing can take the form of either compression shorts to be worn beneath your cycling shorts, or as a pair of compression tights or leggings which - again - can be worn beneath your shorts to give you the support when you don't want to wear trousers on a ride. For the upper body, compression tops take a number of different forms ranging from sleeveless vests to long sleeve compression tops worn beneath your jersey to aid blood flow around the upper body and arms.

Here you'll find a wide range of different forms of compression clothing all perfect for cyclists. Different to base layers in the way that they offer support for muscles and blood flow, compression clothing can give you the support you need that may have previously prevented you from going out on your bike.