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The chain on your bike is one of the most important components, if not THE most important in fact. Without it you wouldn't be able to move up and down through the gears and pedalling would involve a lot of effort for not a great deal of movement! When it comes to caring for and maintaining your chain it's always best to use specialist tools and equipment and there are brands out there who have developed a wide range of quality bike chain tools all designed to give it the love and care it deserves - or the exact opposite!

Not all chains last and some seize, leaving them unable to move or be removed and the only solution is a chain cutter which cuts away the damaged or unwanted section and allows you to repair the adapted chain and get riding again. From pushing the pin out of the chain and re-inserting it using the same chain tool to cutting through to remove a damaged component, we've got all the vital chain tools you need including chain wrenches and cutters designed specifically for road and mountain bikes. Equip yourself with all the essentials from our range today.