Cycling Leg Warmers

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Sometimes, the weather is just too changeable to predict. In such circumstances, knowing what to wear on a ride can be a challenge. Do you wear bib tights and risk boiling if the sun comes out? Or do you go with shorts and pray that the temperature doesn’t drop, and it doesn’t rain.

Or you can take the 3rd option and pack a pair of leg warmers. Leg warmers offer the best protection of bib tights, but if the temperature rises and you start to overheat, you can quickly whip them off and enjoy the wind blasting your legs. Conversely, if you decide to be brave and just wear shorts and if you decide it was the wrong way to go you can throw on your leg warmers and carry on in warmth and comfort. Leg warmers are as such supremely versatile and come in a huge variety of materials and styles, so you can pack them away in a jersey pocket or saddle bag and call on whenever you feel they’re required.