VeloToze Shoe Covers

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With a mission to help cyclists to "outsmart the elements", VeloToze specialise in the development of waterproof cycling shoe covers for road cycling and mountain biking. As your feet are constantly exposed to the elements during your ride, as well as being splashed as the wheels roll through the dirt and puddles, a set of VeloToze overshoes can make all the difference. You could find yourself halfway through your ride with your feet frozen and soaking wet, or you could be as comfortable as you were when you set off by putting a pair of overshoes over your cycling shoes to keep your feet warm and dry. A brand who became famous for their range of road cycling shoe covers, VeloToze recently expanded their product range by adapting their road shoe covers for the mountain bike market. Utilising the latest technologies, VeloToze MTB shoe covers are reinforced for extra proofing so you can splash through the puddles without fear. Available in both long and short shoe cover styles for your own comfort and convenience, VeloToze MTB and road shoe covers come in a number of high visibility colours; and they even offer a range of waterproof helmet covers to give you added safety and warmth during your ride.