Quarq Power Meters & Suspension

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Mountain biking is changing all the time as new technologies are developed and power meters are one of the latest innovations that have entered the market in an attempt to improve performance. Quarq is a brand that specialise in cycling technology, especially power meters with the Quarq ShockWiz proving to be the most popular in their growing range. Suitable for all hardtail and full suspension mountain bikes, Quarq power meters are a lightweight addition to your bike that record and evaluate suspension performance to help riders of all abilities to become better riders. You don't need to be an expert, you don't need to be on the harshest terrain known to man, but all riders can reap the benefits by getting better on the bike, quicker and learning more about what makes the best riders stand out. If you're interested in the technology behind cycling and how it can be interpreted to develop your riding skills and ability then Quarq power meters and suspension tuning systems are a must-have.