Lapierre Bikes

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For over 70 years Lapierre have been producing high quality bikes and it has sure come a long way in those years. From it’s small and humble beginnings in Dijon, France, the company has swelled and is now one of the biggest bike manufacturers in the world, represented by some of the best road cyclists and mountain bikers in the world. Despite this, the company is still family owned and run, and that family spirit can be felt in the bikes. Lapierre’s range includes some truly iconic bikes, with the Spicy and Zesty ranges gaining critical acclaim since their introduction 2007 and the latest evolutions of these bikes follow in their predecessors tyre tracks, with cutting edge geometry and builds they continue to set the standards for others to follow. Their range of road and electric bikes has been equally successful, with riders loving the engaging ride and the value offered by well chosen components. All Lapierre bikes have unique and engaging style, they’ll certainly be no doubts about what you’re riding out on the road or trail, so if you want great value, high performance and individual style, you should definitely check out Lapierre!