ENVE Wheels & Components

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Since the brand formed ENVE have always been at the forefront of carbon technology and manufacturing, producing products only for the very high end of the cycling market, you won’t find any trickle-down technology here! ENVE design products for riders who want it all, those who laugh in the face of Keith Bontrager’s adage of “strong, light, cheap – pick two”. ENVE produce the very best wheels, forks, handlebars and components; pushing the boundaries and producing the best money can buy. They set a goal in terms of weight, strength and performance and will do whatever it takes to reach those targets. Whereas many manufacturers have moved - or have always produced products - overseas, all of ENVE’s bike rims and wheelsets are still proudly built entirely by hand in Ogden, Utah, USA. Patriotism aside, this allows ENVE to have complete control over manufacturing, assembly, design, R&D and testing in order to ensure that the product the customer receives is the best it can be. Simply put, if you want the very best, ENVE should be your number one choice for bike wheels and parts every time.