BMX Tyres

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BMX tyres have a pretty hard life. They’re pumped up to high pressures to make them fast rolling and to help reduce the risk of punctures and are skidded around by youngsters who have far too much talent for their own good. Cased landings from jumps and general hard-abuse mean they take a real beating.

With this in mind, it’s a good job our range is up to the task! With a range of styles, sizes and models from the very best brands including Schwalbe and Nutrak, these BMX tyres are some of the best you can buy and are designed to be ridden hard and perform to a high level. From pretty much fully slick designs that excel in skate parks and at the local BMX race track, through to treaded designs that are more versatile and suited to dirt jumping and the occasional bit of little-wheeled off-road action, you’ll find exactly what you BMX-needs require.