Long Sleeve Cycling Jerseys

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Long Sleeve Jerseys are perhaps the most versatile piece of cycling clothing of all. They can be worn pretty much all year round in the UK but are at their best when seen as 3-season jerseys that will be happy from when the leaves start to fall in Autumn right through to the following Spring.

Whereas short sleeve jerseys are fairly one-dimensional (for the most part they are relatively thin and lightweight) Long Sleeve Jerseys are more varied in their appearance and construction. Mountain bike style long sleeve jerseys are fairly similar, usually using a mid-weight fabric so they are tough enough to withstand knocks and brushes with undergrowth but are light enough to be breathable and not feel restrictive. Road cycling long sleeve jerseys, however, can be a little more varied. Many use windproof and water-resistant materials, making it difficult to see what stops being a jersey and starts to be a jacket! No matter what kind of long sleeve jersey you require though, you can be sure to find what you need here.