Road Rims

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As you ride and brake your rims are forced to do a lot of work. Road bike rims hold the tyre in place and provide a connection between the tyres and the spokes, working with the brakes to bring the bike to a safe stop or to reduce speed, too.

When you start looking into performance upgrades, as many road cyclists tend to do, the rims are an excellent place to start. Whether you're trying to save weight with a lighter set of road bike rims or you're trying to reduce the amount of effort required through the pedals, new road rims can make all the difference in terms of acceleration, handling and braking.

Here we've got an excellent range of light and strong road bike rims developed by brands like Mavic and available with a number of different spoke numbers to fit in with the existing composition of your wheelset. We also stock a range of different sized rims so you can pick the style that meets your needs and gives you the enhanced performance and efficiency you're craving.