Bike Rim Tape

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Wear and tear are often seen as givens when it comes to any kind of motion. From belts wearing under the bonnet of a car to ligaments and tendons seeing better days in our knees, everything starts to show signs of usage over the years and your bike's wheels are no different - only, there are things you can do to reduce the signs and impact of the miles.

Your bike's rims are connected to the tyres and can start to wear away at the rubber and the inner tubes if you're not careful. One way of preventing the damage from resulting in a brand new set of tyres is to use specialist rim tapes designed to act as a barrier between the rims and the tyres to stop them scratching away at the rubber.

Even if you're not running tubed tyres, we've got a range of tubeless rim tapes that can reduce the impact of the friction and prolong the life of your tyres - check out the full range of mountain and road bike rim tapes in our store now.