Quick Release Skewers

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We owe the brilliance of quick release, or QR, skewers to the legendary Tullio Campagnolo. Campagnolo invented the cam-mechanism quick release skewer in 1930, a design that is still in nearly 90 years later. QR skewers make the task of quickly removing your front wheel to fix a puncture or carry your bike in a car a breeze.

While the original cam-based mechanism is still frequently used, there are no many styles of QR skewer to suit a wide range of applications. To go with traditional QR skewers there are now a multitude of quick-release through axles for the latest forks and frames, as well as security quick releases that are ideal for commuters by providing skewers that are very secure but still easy to remove in a hurry. They might be relatively simple, but quick release skewers make your life a lot easier and also provide an additional canvas for adding some style to your bike.