Road Bike Hubs

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Designed differently to their mountain bike counterparts as they need to be more streamlined and lightweight, road bike hubs work in exactly the same way only with a fraction of the weight!

Joining the rims to the axle, your road bike hub is a key part of the bike allowing the wheels to spin (so key is an understatement, really!) The lightweight construction helps to save weight, ensure that the styling of your road bike and its wheels isn't compromised, and that they are strong enough to stand the tests of hundreds - even thousands - of miles worth of road riding.

In our range you'll find a whole host of different, high performance road bike hubs capable of improving your efficiency on the bike and offering an all-round upgrade on the previous factory-fitted wheel hubs that may have worn or even started to seize. Check out the full collection today which includes the latest road bike hubs from the experts at Shimano, Hope Technology, Chris King and Campagnolo.