Road Bike Tyres

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Getting the right rubber for your road bike is critical to making sure you get the most out of your ride. A puncture resistant set of winter training tyres are going to be a drag up Alp d’huez and racing tubs are no fun at all for winter commuting or training. We stock a huge range of road tyres to suit every need, with a massive selection of sizes, treads and brands to choose from. For all-round use a quality 25-28mm tyre is no preferable over traditional 23mm tyres, they’re no slower but offer a lot more comfort and puncture protection with a minimal weight gain. Many bikes designed for commuting or longer rides now sport disc brakes, which frees up space for wider tyres. These bikes will typically run 28-35mm tyres, offering even more comfort over longer rides and they even open up the potential for exploring off the beaten path too. Some road tyres even come in widths up to 40mm, which are perfect for gravel or cyclocross bikes that see a lot of time on the road but are also great for adventure style riding and bike packing. If you’re tyred of having the wrong rubber on your road bike, this is the place to find exactly what you need.