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Tyres are often overlooked in performance terms, but being as their the main thing that connects you to the road or trail, a quality set of tyres can completely transform a bike. We stock a huge of tyres from road racing tubulars and dedicated mountain bike mud tyres to puncture resistant commuter tyres and everything in between!

Picking the right tyre for the type of riding you do is extremely important, as getting this wrong can be equally detrimental as it can be beneficial. For road cyclists looking for a quality all-round tyre something in the 25-30c range will offer a comfortable ride feel and excellent grip, while still being exceptionally quick feeling and will help keep those speeds up, perfect for chain-ganging or KOM chasing! If you have a gravel or adventure bike then look to tyres wider tyres with a tread pattern to match your preferred terrain, with a slicker tread if you ride more road miles and a deeper tread if you frequent fireroads and singletrack more often than you’ll hit the road. The same goes for hybrid tyres, with a wider, more puncture resistant tyre rolling well but keeping those pesky punctures at bay! 

Mountain bike tyres vary massively in size and tread pattern, so it pays to choose a tyre that suits the terrain and conditions you ride in. Ride mostly dry, flat, hardpacked trails? A fast rolling design with a minimal tread pattern will be the fastest over this kind of terrain. Get your MTB kicks on steep, loose and mud downhill trails? A tyre with an aggressive blocky or spiky tread pattern will hook up into the ground and provide maximum where rolling speed is not so much of issue. As ever for many riders their happy place will be in the middle of these and it’s worth thinking about what you value most from a tyre, so something with an intermediate tread will roll and grip fairly well but something gripper up front might be in order winter or a faster rolling rear tyre might open up some hidden speed in drier summer months.