Bike Pedal Accessories

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In cycling you soon realise that your bike is prone to the odd bit of wear and tear. We're not talking major wear, but some components just don't stand up to the rough terrain, potholes and harsh weather conditions and need to be replaced after a few months or years (depending on what, and where, they are of course).

With this in mind it makes a great deal of sense to stock up on a range of bike pedal accessories and spares so that you're ready to replace them should they wear. Without pedals, quite simply, you can't ride; so having a new set of washers, adaptors or bike pedal toe clips in the garage makes a great deal of sense when you think about it.

Here at Tweeks Cycles we don't just stock a vast range of road and MTB pedals, we also stock the vital pedal accessories you need to set your bike up perfectly for the road - or trail - ahead.