Flat Pedals

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Flat pedals are, in terms of function at least, the simplest type of pedal but there’s a lot more to a lot of them than meets the eye, just ask the legendary flat pedal king Sam Hill.

They don’t say flat pedals win medals for no reason, so if you want to feel secure over rough terrain but still want an easy bail out option if it all goes horribly wrong, flat pedals are still the way to go and our huge range of flat road and MTB pedals is bigger and better than ever! We have a massive range of brands and style available, from classic favourites right through to the latest must have from the likes of DMR, Race Face, Hope Technology and Shimano.

Flat pedals are also one of the easiest ways to add some bling to your bike, with a whole host of pedals available in a myriad of bright anodised finishes to match or clash with your bikes carefully selected colour scheme. Not only do they look good, they also allow you do cool tricks on the bike, (intentionally or otherwise!)