MTB Forks

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Good quality suspension parts can make a huge difference to the way a bike rides. While many factory-fitted suspension forks are perfectly good for a family bike ride in the woods, there are high performance MTB forks that have been specifically designed to enhance the comfort and control you have as a rider.
Fitted to the front wheel, MTB forks absorb the impact and vibrations caused by riding over potholes, tree roots and loose rocks that would otherwise shake your hands off the bars and leave you unable to keep control (and we all know what that means...)
At Tweeks Cycles we've got a great range of the very latest MTB forks from top brands so you can rest assured that whichever set of mountain bike forks you invest in, you're getting a great deal on a great product. If you've been noticing increased vibrations or a deterioration in the amount of control you have on the bike, don't take any risks - upgrade to a new set of forks today and you'll notice an instant improvement.