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In order for some bike components to work to their full potential you need a few unsung heroes behind the scenes to do their jobs, too. While major parts like forks and shocks take the brunt of the impact from rugged terrain, it's the smaller fork accessories that allow them to do it.
For instance, fork oil allows the forks to move with the bike to absorb the impact and ensure that the vibrations aren't felt through the handlebars and grips. In order to prevent the oil from leaking out, a fork seal is required. Unfortunately, like most seals, many of these are prone to wear and tear over the years - but FORTUNATELY - there are now a number of extremely durable replacement fork seals that are more durable and robust than most factory-fitted fork seals and that means they last much longer.
In our online store you'll be able to buy these all-important fork seals and oils, plus a whole lot more, to ensure that your bike handles better than ever and that you've complete control.