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Measuring power is a great way of monitoring how hard you're working on the bike and a power meter is one of the most reliable and accurate ways of capturing that data for you to interpret, use and act upon.
Power meters provide real-time data from your bike that shows exactly how hard you're working on the bike at that moment, showing you where improvements are needed on or off the bike in terms of your training. If your power is down it might be down to a lack of physical fitness or muscle mass in the legs - or you might not be working to your full potential. Whatever the reason, a power meter is a great way of accurately defining the reason why your trail was so hard or why your time was down on last week's ride.
In our online store you'll find a wide range of the very latest power meters from some of the biggest brands in cycling, along with a collection of all-important mounts and accessories that will ensure the power meter is set up precisely and secured in place. If you're tired of a spin instructor telling you to work harder, see the data for yourself and make your own cycle training plan with a power meter.