Gear Cables

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No matter how fancy your shifters or derailleurs are, if your gear cables are past their best your shifting will suffer. Quality gear cables can make all the difference and can make a drivetrain that feels past its best feel more like one that is box fresh and straight out of the showroom. Even on a brand-new bike, investing in quality gear cables can make your gear changes infinitely smoother.

Gear cables might seem pretty dull and boring, but modern gear cables from the likes of Shimano use some pretty slick technology in order to make them last longer and shift more smoothly. Improved techniques and clever surface treatments mean modern gear cables can last longer than ever before, all while offering incredibly low-friction to help ensure your shifting is light, accurate and reliable. Many of theses coatings are also highly durable, so they’ll last longer, even through the grimmest of UK winters. Invest in some new gear cables and you and your bike won’t regret it!