Rear Derailleurs

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Cycling technology has evolved significantly in a short space of time, but even with the super-light frames and highly advanced brake systems, there's still a place for traditional drivetrain parts like rear derailleurs. While a lot of technology has been used to develop modern road bike parts at the elite level, this technology is steadily filtering down to the wider market with road cyclists of all abilities now able to utilise the same kind of parts and technology as Chris Froome, Geraint Thomas and co.

While the technology is undoubtedly benefitting riders, there is still a place for more traditional road bike parts like rear derailleurs which help to shift seamlessly through the gears, keeping the chain tense during the process and allowing you to push on up the road. A lot of new road bikes are still made with front and rear derailleurs fitted, and many older models require upgrades to maximise their potential and extend their lifespan. With this in mind, many of the world's top cycling brands continue to make rear derailleurs for all kinds of road bikes with a significant range for you to choose from right here at Tweeks Cycles.