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Road bike cranksets are constantly evolving and designs have come a long way since the early days of road cycling. Lighter, stronger and stiffer designs are the modern way with new models released all the time and our range covers everything from the very latest range-topping cranksets from the biggest brands right down to entry-level and retro-inspired cranksets to suit almost any bike and any budget.

With road bike drivetrains getting better year on year, cranksets need to keep up and as such you can get road cranksets in a multitude of lengths, fitments or chainring types. While triple chainring cranksets still have their place on older bikes or entry-level models, double and compact 2-ring cranksets are now the norm on most bikes. That's not to say MTB influences haven't trickled through to the road world, and with the growing momentum between single chainring drivetrains, you can drool over some pretty flashy dedicated 1x cranksets designed purely for road use. Whatever style or fitment you require, our incredible range of road bike cranksets from Shimano, SRAM and more top name brands will have exactly what you need.