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As the main connection between your pedals and the bike, it's safe to say that cranksets perform a pretty important job! In mountain biking a crankset needs to be strong without weighing a tonne, and able to withstand a huge amount of abuse from the bumps, jumps and crashes along the way. Thankfully modern MTB cranksets are better than ever and come in a huge variety of fitments and styles to suit almost any bike.

Our range of MTB cranksets covers all bases, from bare crank arms to which you can add whatever chainrings you desire to old-school square-taper triple chainsets for retro or budget bikes. The new materials used in today's cranksets means you can get super strong aluminium models as well as insanely light carbon ones that can drop some serious weight from your bike without compromising durability. In terms of recommendations, riders who frequent rocky downhill trails and bike parks should look for a strong downhill orientated crankset, whereas riders who are keener to pack in the miles should check out some of the lighter options available. With incredible quality from some of mountain biking's biggest brands like SRAM, Shimano and Race Face there has never been a better time to invest in a new MTB crankset.