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We're often told that less is more, and never is this more the case than with MTB Chainrings. Every since Sram introduced the revolutionary XX1 single chainring drivetrain in 2013, double and triple chainring cranksets are becoming much rarer than they were before. With modern drivetrain technology now filtering down in price, more and more riders are discovering the benefits of a single chainring drivetrain; they're lighter, simpler and make your bike look a whole lot cleaner, with no front derailleur to mess with the clean lines.

We stock a huge range of chainrings designed to suit this new breed of drivetrain. Don't worry if you're not ready to make the leap just yet though, if you require replacement chainrings for your double or triple drivetrain, you can be sure to find those here too. You can keep your drivetrain running and shifting smoothly for years to come.