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Modern bicycle drivetrains are pretty slick these days, with Sram, Shimano & Campagnolo constantly pushing the boundaries of what they can possibly extract from derailleur and chain driven drivetrains. From Sram’s cutting edge Eagle mountain bike and eTap road groupset to Shimano’s Di2 electronic wizardry, the push for innovation is stronger than ever! While the bulk of innovation is showcased at the very highest level, the drivetrain market is where we see the “trickle down” effect at its best, with the latest technology filtering down to lower price points quicker than ever. 

We stock a huge range of drivetrain components and accessories to suit every need and budget, so if whether you’re looking for a few items to freshen up your drivetrain or are going the whole hog and splashing out on a whole new groupset, you’re in the right place! If you’re a mountain biker looking to replace the rear derailleur among other things you smashed into oblivion last weekend or are perhaps thinking about converting your current bike to one of the latest single chainring drivetrains you’ll want to look at our range of rear derailleurs, shifters, cassettes and chains. In here you’ll find the latest chain-retaining chainrings and clutch equipped rear derailleurs as well as the very latest wide range cassettes to help make those long, arduous climbs a little easier and keep your chain in place over the roughest terrain. This is also a great place to find similar items if you want to convert your gravel or adventure bike to a single chainring drivetrain too!

Don’t worry, the roadies among you haven’t been forgotten either, so if you’re old Ultegra drivetrain is looking a little tired and you want to upgrade to the very latest or are perhaps thinking of going electronic we’ve got everything you need to get you on the road with some of the smoothest drivetrains available!