Bar Ends

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Over the course of a long ride, often without noticing it, your hands can start to tire from being in the same limited range of positions for so long. One popular way of overcoming this issue, especially in mountain biking, is to use a set of bar ends to extend the length and adjust the shape of your handlebars to create a new set of more comfortable hand positions.

Your comfort and grip on the handlebars makes all the difference to the quality of your ride, and your performance in competition or timed rides, so having the option of numerous hand positions can really help. MTB bar ends in particular have proven to be incredibly popular additions, while they also have styles suitable for hybrid and road bikes - again ideal for long-distance rides where you want that added comfort.

Here at Tweeks Cycles you'll find a range of different options in terms if bar ends with some top brands and products suitable for all major makes and models of road, hybrid and mountain bikes - find yours today.