Bar Ends & Plugs

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In the early 90’s, bar ends were a common sight at any cross-country race and even at some downhill races. While 150mm stems and 600mm handlebars that accompanied them are thankfully a thing of the past, bar ends can still provide a number of benefits for modern riders looking for more comfort on longer rides.

While the technical riding benefits of bar ends are debated, having multiple positions for your hands can be a godsend on longer rides out in the wild to help you stay comfortable and in control for the duration of your ride. This helps to make bar ends and handlebar end plugs extremely popular with riders who frequently conquer huge miles over the less technical terrain.

With the growing bike-packing and adventure scene continuing to gather momentum, more and more riders are discovering that bar ends can provide additional comfort on long, epic rides providing another position for your hands to reduce fatigue and keep you feeling fresher for longer. Simply put, if you’re feeling like your hands are taking a beating on your epic bike-packing adventures on your MTB or touring bike it's definitely worth giving a new set of bar ends a try.