MTB Brake Levers

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As your first point of contact when applying the brakes, your brake levers are a crucial component. Often overlooked as a relatively simple and straightforward piece of equipment, brake levers are actually extensively designed and developed to be aerodynamic, light and yet incredibly strong to help send the pressure down through the cables and hoses to the brakes to bring you safely to a stop.

In mountain biking stopping power is vitally important, allowing you to make fast adjustments to your speed and even the direction if you choose to slide the rear wheel, and it is the MTB brake levers that tell the brakes when they need to be on and when they can be released. Being in a comfortable position when you apply the brakes is also very important, and ergonomic MTB brake levers have been designed to ensure that all riders can use the levers comfortably and easily - often with just a couple of fingers to maintain a stable grip on the handlebars.

At Tweeks Cycles we stock a range of the latest and most ergonomic MTB brake levers available, with levers from top brands like Shimano and Avid to choose from.