Disc Brake Bleeding & Service Kits

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If you're noticing any kind of deterioration in the performance of your brakes then it's time to do something about it before the problem gets worse. You should never take chances when it comes to brakes and any soft-feeling or unresponsive brakes might need bleeding or servicing to restore the performance - and confidence - you need.

Brake bleeding and service kits are available for all cyclists to help bring the performance back up to scratch. From relatively simple brake bleeding kits that help to remove any air bubbles that have found their way into the brakes to full brake service kits that help to clean up the whole system, you'll find them all here at Tweeks Cycles.

We've got disc brake service kits developed by the manufacturers themselves meaning you can give your Shimano brakes a new lease of life with a Shimano brake service kit, utilising parts and equipment designed to work with the original OE parts.