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Braking news! A decent pair of brakes can make a world of difference to your bike! Ok, so maybe that’s not news to most people, having good brakes is more common sense than anything else, but you can never have brakes that are too good! Our huge range of brakes means you can find the perfect brake for your bike, riding style and budget, so if you’re not happy with the unbranded brakes that came on your road bike out of the showroom or feel like your mountain bikes disc brakes aren’t offering all the stopping you need then you’re in the right place! 

Disc brakes have revolutionised braking for both mountain and road bike riders, with more power in all conditions and exceptional control even when it’s wetter than an otter’s pocket. Our range of disc brakes offers everything from 4-piston downhill mountain bike monsters to the latest slimline flat mount brakes for weight weenie road riders. It’s the perfect place to look if you’re looking for more performance from your disc brakes, so if you want to upgrade those cable discs on your road bike to a hydraulic setup or are feeling like your trail bike needs a bit more braking oomph then look no further!

Rim brakes still have their place in the bike world, and for riders looking for the ultimate in low weight or don’t want to or can’t upgrade to disc brakes we have a huge range of rim brakes to suit all kinds of bikes. A lot of road bikes come stock with cheaper versions compared to the rest of groupset, or perhaps even come with completely unbranded ones. Upgrading your brake calipers is an easy to way to boost braking power and control with a fairly small outlay and is an easy upgrade to get your bike feeling and riding even better than before!