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Cycling jackets come in all shapes and sizes for various types of riding, with road riders needing something quite different to mountain bikers. Our range of jackets covers all bases, so everyone can remain, warm, dry and ready to battle the elements. A lightweight windproof and water-resistant jacket is great for any rider to keep in a jersey pocket or hydration pack, ready for the almost inevitable summer showers when you least expect them. These jackets are small, extremely lightweight and packable, making them ideal for emergency use and many will cope with more than just strong winds and light showers.

In the depths of a cold, dark and wet winter though, a lightweight jacket often doesn’t cut the mustard and the weather calls for something more substantial. A mid to heavy weight softshell offers full wind and water protection as well as a healthy dose of insulation, keeping you warm and dry in even the worse weather. While not something you can easily pack away if the sun decides to make an appearance, these jackets are essential if you often ride for prolonged periods in bad weather and many are stylish enough to wear to the pub or around town afterwards too! For the commuters out there many of these jackets, including both lightweight hardshells and heavier weight softshells come in high visibility colours, making sure you can be seen at night and keeping you safe.