SwissStop Brake Pads

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SwissStop is a section of a wider Swiss brand called Rex, founded in 1935 and specialising in chemical products and glues for the shoe industry. By the 1950s the brand started producing rubber compounds, keeping up with the times and utilising new technologies and innovations which soon led to the development of brake pads for the cycling industry. The background in rubber compounds helped the SwissStop brand to grow, soon becoming one of the most authoritative names in brake parts and cycle components generally. Now offering a variety of performance brake options including rim and disc brake pads, SwissStop use the latest innovations and a series of top-of-the-range materials to offer the riders who use their brake pads the very best stopping power at high speed and in poor conditions. When the terrain and weather take a turn for the worse you need to feel the confidence in your brakes to bring you safely to a stop, and with a brand like SwissStop providing your brake pads - in which ever form you choose - you've got the peace of mind you need to enjoy riding even if the conditions aren't exactly favourable!