RockShox Suspension

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Before disc brakes and a long, long time before dropper posts changed the mountain bike game, suspension forks were the first thing to really shake things up in the world of mountain bikes, and it was the RockShox RS-1 that kickstarted the whole revolution. Over the years, RockShox have produced some truly iconic suspension forks, such the as the Judy DH & SL forks, the Boxxer downhill fork and the Pike, which really reset the boundaries for what trail bikes are capable of. The Judy forks were the must haves of the XC and DH world in the mid-nineties; if you didn’t have either the Judy SL or DH you were a nobody. Then came along the original RockShox Boxxer which changed it all and to this day is still the fork with most World Cup downhill wins ever. Talk about pedigree! It’s not just suspension forks that RockShox are famous for though, with a plethora of high performance rear shocks coming to fruition over the years and helping to keep RockShox at the very top of the game. It’s the RockShox Reverb though that has set the standard for modern bike components, as chances are if you buy an off the shelf trail or enduro bike today, it’ll have a Reverb fitted. There’s no two ways about it, RockShox is the name to have when it comes to mountain bike suspension!