Orange Seal Tyre Sealant

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Don't find your ride cut short by frustrating punctures or damage to your tyres. Instead, invest in Orange Seal tyre sealant that is designed to provide an instant seal in small punctures in the rubber so that you can get back out on the road or trail. Small enough to fit inside your backpack, each Orange Seal product is designed to provide an instant short to mid-term repair that allows you to keep riding, even in low temperatures. While the tyre will eventually need to be replaced, Orange Seal endurance sealant will ensure that you're not cut short on your current ride at the very least. With a wide range of high quality tyre sealants recognised and used by riders around the world, Orange Seal tyre sealants also come with applicator injectors or as refill bottles enabling you to take one on the ride with you and keep one back at home in case of emergencies.