ODI Lock On Grips

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The grips used on your handlebars are an under-rated but vitally important part of a cyclist's armoury. Whether you're into road cycling or tackling the tough trails it's important to have a solid grip on your bars to give you the stability you need. One brand, ODI, specialise in the development of innovative and ergonomic bike grips for a range of specialisms, with a particular focus on MTB grips and their flagship range of ODI lock on grips are one of the most popular styles on the market today. Designed, as the name suggests, to clamp (or lock) onto the handlebars of your bike, the colourful range of ODI grips including the Ruffian and Longneck versions give riders much greater feeling and control. The reinforced aluminium ends also help to keep your hands in position on the bars while preventing the grips from coming loose, serving a dual purpose and even helping to extend the life of the grips.